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Desert Scrolls is an e-publication telling the stories of how God is at work through Desert Hope and beyond. Click on the Issue link to view that issue.

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Issue In This Issue
  August 2020
  • Pastor Jim tells of his reaction when given the award for “2019 Pastor of the Year for Racial Reconciliation”. Brenda McDowell shares “A Lesson in Diversity”.
  • Pastor Bill reveals his experience with “Hidden Boxes”.
  • Caplain Stewart discusses perspectives he has gained through his relationships.
  • Bible Tracks teaches how to find stability in instability.
  • Keith Kuehn sums is all up.

  June 2020
  • Quincy Interviews Lynnea Fertal
  • The Darker It Gets, Christ Gets Brighter
  • The Importance Of Being Present
  • Pastor’s Tracks
  • Finding Value In Christian Care
  • S.O.A.P.

  May 2020
  • What I Am Learning In This Pandemic
  • Why Can’t I Accept Help?
  • Words Have Power
  • H.O.P.E. Fund
  • Just Like a Real Church
  • Staying Close While Being Apart