The council leads the congregation in stating its mission, does long-range planning, sets goals, priorities, and evaluates its activities in light of its mission, vision, values and measures. It also proposes and manages the congregation’s budget and appoints committees and teams to carry out various ministry opportunities. Each February the congregation elects members to fill vacancies on the council. Membership is a two-year commitment. Meetings are normally held on the 3rd Saturday of each month. If you have any questions or concerns please contact any of the council members.
Jim Kress
Patti Thibaut
Vice President
Scott Wooster
Keith Kuehn
Brian McGee
Lead Pastor
Lori Fabbri
Church Administrator
Paula Erdos
Council Member
Delna Falk
Council Member
Kris Hubbard
Council Member
Wanda Johnson
Council Member
Dan Knauss
Council Member
Judy Martin
Council Member
LeeAnn Sample
Council Member
Dewayne Vorderbruggen
Council Member